1st Annual Hudson Farms Clay Shooting Event

In the fall of 2022, we celebrated our first annual clay shooting event at Hudson Farms. It was a momentous day where sport met purpose. Aiming high, we united in our mission to target Ewing's Sarcoma.

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The inaugural clay shooting event at the distinguished Hudson Farm Club was nothing short of remarkable. Participants took to the grounds, aiming high and shooting with purpose, all in the pursuit of a common goal: targeting Ewing's Sarcoma. The day was an inspiring fusion of camaraderie, challenge, and the shared desire to make a meaningful difference. This exhilarating outdoor experience offered the perfect blend of sport and philanthropy.

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About The Charlie Landers Foundation

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting against Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of pediatric cancer.

Our mission is to fund life-saving research, provide support to patients and their families, and raise awareness about this devastating disease. With the aim of improving the prognosis and quality of life for those affected by Ewing's Sarcoma, we tirelessly work to fill the gaps in funding and resources

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