Funding Innovative Research That Matters

The Charlie Landers Foundation is dedicated to supporting Pediatric Ewing Sarcoma research through significant funding opportunities. Please check back in October for information on our 2025 Grant Cycle.

Significant Funding Opportunity & Continued Investment

Grants range from $20,000-$150,000 with the potential for a second year of funding based on demonstrated progress and joint approval.

Open to All Credentialed Researchers

Both new and established researchers with their MD, PhD, or dual MD PhD are invited to apply for a CL7 research grant.

Our Grants Support Research That Could Revolutionize the Treatment of Ewing Sarcoma.

Second Round of Grants Announced

Unveiling Our Second Round of Research Grants

In a landmark moment for The Charlie Landers Foundation, we're proud to announce the allocation of over $300,000 towards our second round of research grants aimed at defeating Ewing Sarcoma.

This funding will empower leading researchers and their innovative studies, marking a significant stride in our quest for a cure.

Unveiling Our Second Round of Research Grants

On MLB’s opening day, the CL7 Foundation proudly commits over $300K to Ewing’s Sarcoma research, supporting high-impact studies to find a cure.

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Dr. Michael Kinnaman speaking at a CL7 fundraiser event

"In order to get people to come up with a cure for Ewing’s Sarcoma, you need people studying Ewing’s sarcoma, focus on the young investigators."

Dr. Michael Kinnaman

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

What We Will Fund

Innovative and transformative pre-clinical, translational, and clinical research, that has the potential to immediately impact the lives of Ewing's sarcoma patients. CL7 Grants awarded in 2023 totaling $350,014. Below are the studies that we funded in our previous grant cycle.

$50,000 - UPMC Children’s Foundation

“The role of galectin- 3 in metastatic Ewing Sarcoma” conducted by Dr. Kelly M. Bailey.

$69,790 - University of Iowa, Stead Family Children’s Hospital

"Targeting DNA replication stress in Ewing sarcoma tumors" conducted by Dr. David Gordon.

$130,224 - Dana Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center

“Clinical Translation of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) liquid biopsies for patients with Ewing sarcoma” conducted by Dr. David Shulman.

$100,000 - Emory University School of Medicine

"Dissecting and targeting PAK4-mediated signaling in Ewing sarcoma development and metastasis” conducted by Dr. Jason T. Yustein

Submission Process and Due Dates for 2024 CL7 Grant Proposal

Please check back for our Fall Grant Announcement, Proposal Details and Budget Template in October, 2023. Together, let’s strike out Ewing’s Sarcoma!

October 2023 Publish RFP

January 2024 Grant Application Deadline

February 2024 Medical Advisory Board Review of Applications

March 2024 Medical Advisory Board/CL7 Grant Committee Meeting

March 2024 Announcement of Recipient post Decision

July 2024 Start of Grant

In Grants Awarded in 2023!

Apply For a Grant That Funds Research For Ewing Sarcoma

The Charlie Landers Foundation supports innovative and transformative pre-clinical, translational, and clinical research that has the potential to immediately impact the lives of Ewing’s sarcoma patients. 

Your research could help save lives. Inquire about our grants today and see how you can make a difference.